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What is streamboost?

Live streaming platforms such as Twitch, among others, are among the fastest growing content and advertising channels globally, delighting marketers, streamers and viewers with a new opportunity for interactive influencer marketing in a new ecosystem. In addition, more than 80% of the Twitch market consists of micro-influencers, which are intangible due to the time-consuming search and support of companies.
It is important to note the advertising potential of small streamers, which is highly significant due to close and familiar community ties.

streamboost has now set itself the task of solving precisely these challenges and bundling thousands of micro-influencers for specific target groups and making them available to advertising brands from a single source. The team of 15, consisting of computer scientists, streamers, gamification experts and entrepreneurs, with their many years of experience in live streaming, agency business, online advertising and software development, already launched streamboost in 2020. Thus, after many years of software development - made in Germany, a unique platform was created, which intelligently connects companies and livestreamers.

"We've made it possible for thousands of young influencers* to earn money with their hobby and for companies in a wide range of industries to gain new customer groups in a transparent and targeted way." After many successful Twitch Ads and sponsorships, the streamboost team from Darmstadt knows exactly what matters in the world of live streaming.

We are happy to welcome you as a streamer and you as an entrepreneur, agency or interested party.

| Achievements

The beginnings of streamboost

Pitchclub Frankfurt
1st place

We had the great honor to present streamboost with the future of marketing on 09/15-21 at the Frankfurt Pitchclub. The event showed us that we were able to inspire and convince numerous people with our platform.

Hessian Founder Award

The semi-final of the Hessian Founders Award 2021 was a complete success for us. Alongside numerous innovative companies, we also had the chance to prove ourselves in the Innovative Business Ideas category.

| You make it possible

IHK - Newspaper report
"New channels for influencer marketing"

"Streaming services have been experiencing an absolute boom since Corona, and so has the livestreaming platform Twitch. This makes it extremely attractive as an advertising platform. With Streamboost, Tim Meggert, Marco Höft and Metin Dogan offer a technical solution that allows companies and influencers to do business easily...." (Quote: Wirtschaftsdialoge - das Mitgliedermagazin der IHK Darmstadt, Issue 6-2021)